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Fish finder TF-500

Finding fish in troubled waters of unknown water reservoir is not an easy task. However, echosounder FISH FINDER TF500 makes it a piece of cake.

resolution240x128 px.
backlightwhite backlight (LED)
depth range0,6 - 30m
radio transmission rangemax 300m
echosounder frequency200 KHZ
signal divergence angle60 Grad
radio frequency433,9 MHz
echosounder audible signalfish, shallow water, low battery
temperatureair temperature, water temperature
operating temperature-10 to 50 °C
measurement unitsFahrenheit - feet, Fahrenheit - meter, Celsius - feet Celsius - meter
case materialABS plastic
languageEnglish, German, French, Russian
display power8 x AA Alkaline batteries
transmitter power6-12 V battery
RC battery time45 hours of continuous use
RC disablingautomatically within 10 minutes of non-use
display dimensions62x90mm

Product Description

Fisherman will not have to be nervous and throw gear at random, he will know

exactly where the fish has gathered. By mounting this fishing gear on a boat, the fisherman will personally see not only the aggregation of fish, but the bottom relief, even at a serious depth from 0.6 to 30.0 m.

Echosounder FISH FINDER TF 500 can be installed on any type of CARPBOAT boat: both on a larger model, and a mini-version. Due to a well-designed mounting system, the echosounder is mounted quickly and easily. Using the echosounder makes fishing as comfortable as possible: the fisherman no longer has to guess where to bring the bait - he knows fishery for sure.

This fishing gear is operated by remote control at a distance up to 300 m, and it gives the user a truly unlimited possibilities. The echosounder will not only help discharge bulk cargo, hooks in the intended location, but will also help determine whether the bait attracted the fish.

The echosounder will make your fishing not just successful, but also incredibly productive. For no other reason than because it works for a long time. If necessary, the fishing gear receiver and transmitter can be easily recharged - you only need to connect it to the charger. An indicator showing the battery level will enable the fisherman to know of how much time is left before it stops working.

Sonar will allow you to fish in any weather – its casing is able to resist frost of -20 °C, and heat of 70 °C. And due to the backlight, the screen will be visible both at daytime and in the evening, as well as at night. Water temperature indicator and magnification of the water bottom will also stand the fisherman in good stead.

As you can see, echosounder Fish Finder TF500 is very useful and smart fishing gear. It guarantees excellent and productive fishing, will get you a trophy that you will definitely be proud of.

Standard set of the echosounder 

• sonar Receiver - 1pc 
• sonar Transmitter - 1pc 
• antenna - 2pcs 
• a connector antenna -1 pc 
• the holder of the crown - 1pc 
• sensor - 1pc 
• passport - 1pc



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