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Baitboat Carpboat Mini carbon

The new model Carpboat mini Carbon - it's not just already existing advantages of a bait boat, but also the latest technical developments and improvements.

case materialABS plastic
quantity bait tanks one
quantity bait hooksone
continuous operating time 90min
maximum distance500-700m
maximum weight of bait in the bunker1,5kg
maximum speed60 m/min
complete drive2 independent propellers
standard voltage12V
LED indicationLEDs switch on when the bin is discharged, hooks are dropped, indicate the 3 battery levels.
lighting2 front and 2 rear LED flashlights. Lighting can be switched on and off using the remote control
power supply of the boat12V/7,2Ah
power supply of the remote controlNi-MN AA 1500mAh - 8pcs
RC4-channel 2.4Ghz RC
dimensionslength 54 cm, width 38 cm, height 22 cm

Product Description

Along with such broad possibilities, as the bait delivery at any place the fisherman has liked, which is often inaccessible for conventional baiting, precision, ease of operation and maneuverability, water-resistant hull, reliable protection of the propellers from algae and just interesting and easy usage, the new model Carpboat mini Carbon is fascinating due to its trendy carbon coating of the hull and new remote control.

Currently, the use of carbon coating (carbon film) is new and very popular. What makes it so appealing for the fishermen?

The most important is the protective function of the film. It is resistant to small stones or light hail and rain. The film also protects the bait boat coating from chips and scratches.

Another advantage is the solar radiation resistance of the carbon film. This is a very important detail, since the bait boat is almost constantly exposed to the sunlight, moreover this coating prevents fading of colour and your boat will always look as new.

No less important is the fact that the film can endure large temperature difference and is designed with the ability to use it in high humidity, and for a boat that is used in the water bodies - it is just irreplaceable.

Furthermore, the appearance of carbon coating cannot help but draw attention, making Carpboat mini Carbon beautiful, stylish, modern and very trendy.

As for the new remote control, we are pleased to offer you 2.4 GHz digital remote control system.

This remote control system works in ISM frequency band at 2.4 GHz permitted worldwide, which involves more than 130 million coding options. That, in turn, eliminates the use of one channel simultaneously with outside devices.

Therefore, you may no longer worry about your boat being controlled by other fisherman, having the same crystal stabilizer, as it is the case with conventional quartz FM frequency remote control. The new remote control also has a display of remote control charge. FM-band antenna has a length of about a meter and about 8 cm for a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Important is the fact that due to the use of 2.4 GHz digital remote control system on the bait boat, you can refuse from the antenna. The remote control system itself has a built-in shortened 8-cm rubberized antenna.

That is, the advantages of using 2.4 GHz four-channel remote control over conventional four-channel quartz FM frequency RC are obvious.

They are as follows:

•  shorter remote control antenna

•  ability to refuse from the antenna on the bait boat

•  highly reliable interference resistance when operating on one channel

•  no aliasing

•  no quartz stabilizers


Standard set for bait boat Carpboat Mini carbon

•  12V/7Ah lead-acid battery for the boat.

•  220V/12V lead-acid battery charger. 

•  2.4 GHz four-channel remote control.

•  8 rechargeable batteries Ni-MN AA 1500mAh, 1.2V for the remote control. 

•  220V/12V Remote control charger.

•  Backpack for the boat.


And, of course, as before, it is possible to install echosounder Fish Finder FD90 or echosounder Fish Finder FD500 a on the new boat Carpboat mini Carbon, which will help determine the depth, bottom shape and aggregations of fish.


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