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Fish finder FD-90

Wireless echosounder FISH FINDER FD-90 enables to see the fish and the bottom relief in the place where the bait ship sails.

resolution128 х 64 Pixels
depth range1 - 30m
radio transmission rangemax 300m
echosounder frequency115 KHZ
signal divergence angle60 Grad
radio frequency433,9 MHz
echosounder audible signalfish, shallow water, low battery
temperatureair temperature, water temperature
operating temperature-10 to 50 °C
measurement unitsFahrenheit - feet, Fahrenheit - meter, Celsius - feet Celsius - meter
case materialABS plastic
languageEnglish, German, French, Russian
display power4 x AAA Alkaline batteries
transmitter power6-12 V battery
RC battery time45 hours of continuous use
RC disablingautomatically within 10 minutes of non-use
display dimensions32x60 mm 3.0in / 76mm, FSTN LCD
device size138mm x 69mm x 32mm

Product Description


• Enabling of fish identifier mode

• Sensitivity: 0-100%

• Depth autoranging

• Pause on the screen

• Identification of large and small fish

• Usage in the fresh and salt water

• Multilingual menu

Standard set of the fish finder 

• sonar Receiver - 1pc 
• sonar Transmitter - 1pc 
• antenna - 2pcs 
• a connector antenna -1 pc. 
• the holder of the crown - 1pc 
• sensor - 1pc. 
• passport - 1pc.


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