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Baitboat Carpboat Carbon

To visually distinguish Carpboat Carbon of the bait boat multitude the upper part of the body was furnished with a popular and fashionable carbon coating with a three-dimensional structure made ​​in a very laborious manner.

case materialABS plastic
quantity bait tanks two
quantity bait hookstwo
continuous operating time 150min
maximum distance500-700m
maximum weight of bait in the bunker4kg
maximum speed60 m/min
complete drive2 independent propellers
standard voltage12V
LED indicationevery action of the boat is accompanied by LED indication. LEDs indicate discharge of baits, hooks, indicate 4 states of the battery charge
lightingthe boat is equipped with backlight on the bow, stern, on the boards: 2 LED flashlights. Lighting levels can be set using the remote control
power supply of the boat12V/10Ah
power supply of the remote controlNi-MN AA 1500mAh - 8pcs
RC6-channel 2.4Ghz RC
dimensionslength 68 cm, width 49 cm, height 25 cm

Product Description

So what made the carbon film so popular in general, and what are the benefits of its use for the boat in particular?

The first reason is that 3d carbon film that very naturally conveys the colour and texture of its prototype - real carbon. It consists of two layers, the first of which has a typical pattern, characteristic carbonyl, while the second serves as a shield. Due to this structure, 3d carbon film acquires an impressive thickness (150 microns), and hence - another reason for the popularity of such coating - its protective properties. And it is the possibility to safeguard the  Carpboat Carbon bait boat hull from mechanical and chemical exposure that is one of the most important criteria when choosing a bait boat.

Carbon coating is vibration-proof, resistant to corrosive substances, which the bait boat Carpboat Carbon contacts (e.g. rain and melt water), and in addition to this, it protects the hull of the boat. Moreover, the carbon-type film does not fade (because it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation). This will make your boat always look attractive and almost new. Another advantage is the fact that the carbon film is resistant to cracks, and is not affected by temperature difference.

Next reason for the popularity of carbon films is, of course, their durability. Carbon coating is used for years, without losing the appearance and protective properties. Accordingly, the bait boat Carpboat Carbon will delight you with its operation and appearance longer than its predecessors.

And certainly one of the most important reasons for the popularity of carbon coating is its appearance. Carbon itself has an unusual structure and attractive colour, and carbon coating allows the boat to look very trendy and enjoy popularity with both the beginner fisherman and inveterate carp anglers.

Apart from all these benefits, Carpboat Carbon boat has another important advantage. This is a new remote control with 2.4 GHz digital remote control system. Using the new six-channel 2.4 GHz remote control prevents your boat being controlled by other fisherman as it was the case with ordinary FM frequency quartz remote control. The system operates in the ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band, which involve more than 130 million coding options. And the new remote control simply does not have quartz stabilizers. At the same time, it ensures highly reliable interference protection when working on the same channel, and more importantly, there is no aliasing.

All this, together with the built-in shortened 8-cm rubberized antenna of the remote control and the ability to completely refuse from the use of the antenna on the bait boat, possibility to deliver the bait to remote places, with two bins for bait with a total capacity of up to 4 kg, optionally built-in echosounder FD-90 or FD-500, ease of operation of a boat and its maneuverability and precision in operation make Carpboat Carbon just perfect.

Standard set of bait boat Carpboat Camo

• Lead-acid 12V/10Ah battery.

• 220V/12V lead-acid battery charger. 

• 220V/12V boat remote control charger.

• 6-channel 2.4GHz remote control. 

• 8 rechargeable batteries Ni-MN AA 1500mAh, 1.2V for the remote control.

• Backpack for the boat.

• Case for the remote control and accessories.


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