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About us

Our company is a manufacturer of bait boats placed in China.

These kinds of boats are used both by professional fishermen and amateurs and helps to deliver the bait and snap on the required distance and place.

The most popular our bait boats are among carp fishermen, because it helps the fisherman to catch the very "trophy" carp.

The boat can deliver from 1.5 to 5 kg of bait (depending on model), has the ability to deliver both bait and snap at a distance of 300 m, works with a remote control and in combination with fish finder gives excellent results - caught fish individuals reach 15 -18 Kgs.

As any fishing, carp fishing also characterized by throwing random gear and a long futile expectation. Mounted on the bait boat one of the 3 models of fish finders helps to avoid such a "blind" catching, because on the fish finder display you can clearly see not only the bottom relief and such favorite carp "pit" on a solid depth  30 m but also you can see the accumulation of fish.

Our bait boats will make your fishing trip more comfortable and productive!

Factory and office are located in Changzhou, the province Jiangsu, China. Our company employs more than 50 people, most of them both Chinese and English-speaking. Also we have 2 Russian-speaking staff.

Our factory is one of the first who become production of bait boats in China and has been doing this for more than 7 years. The main part of our market is the domestic Chinese market, but during last few years we supply our products to European countries under various brand names.

For example, in Russia and Ukraine, CIS our bait boats are known as brand  «Carpboat».

We are always happy to offer our clients a full range of services. Beginning from the production and sale of boats under already-known brand name as well as under the new brand with your own logotype on our products and, ultimately, deliver the goods to your country.

Warranty for all products is 18 months, and in case of warranty repair our English and Russian-speaking staff is always happy to answer on all your questions and help you in solving various problems, whether to help the engineer to install sonar or to arrange delivery and deal with your forwarder.