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Baitboat Carpboat Skarp carbon

The new model Carpboat Skarp Carbon has not only already existing advantages of the bait boat. Range of possibilities of this device is very wide, thus it is not only convenient and useful, but also just fun to use.

case materialABS plastic
quantity bait tanks two
quantity bait hooksone
continuous operating time 90min
maximum distance500-700m
maximum weight of bait in the bunker1,5kg
maximum speed60 m/min
complete drive2 independent propellers
standard voltage12V
LED indicationLEDs switch on when the bin is discharged, hooks are dropped, indicate the 3 battery levels.
lightingFor lighting there are 3 front and 2 rear flashlights (including built- in LED-flashlight)
power supply of the boat6V/7,2Ah
power supply of the remote controlNi-MN AA 1500mAh - 8pcs
RC4-channel 2.4Ghz RC
dimensionslength 58 cm, width 38 cm, height 26 cm

Product Description

This involves the delivery of bait at any desired place, even if it is difficult to access for the traditional baiting.

Moreover, Carpboat Skarp Carbon has amazing accuracy, ease of operation and maneuverability. We should also mention such benefits of the bait boat as water-resistant hull and protection of propellers from winding algae. In addition to all of these positive features, it is worth noting the new model Carpboat Skarp Carbon also has trendy carbon coating and a new remote control, as well as a built-in LED flashlight.

The use of carbon coating (special carbon film) has become a new and very popular feature of numerous modern devices. However, why is this coating so attractive for the anglers?

One of the most important functions of such film is protection of the device from a variety of mechanical damages. Thus, the bait boat Carpboat Skarp Carbon is not afraid of any small stones or low precipitation in the form of hail or rain, because carbon film protects its outer coating from various chips and scratches. 

The resistance of carbon film to direct sunlight should also be noted. This is a very important feature, because the bait boat is almost constantly exposed to direct sunlight. Carbon film coating reliably protects its paint from fading, and your boat will always look the same as on the first day after you purchased it. Furthermore, we cannot help but mention the fact that such film has a high resistance to abrupt temperature changes over a fairly wide range. Another feature of this film is the possibility of its use in high humidity conditions. It is logical that such properties for the boat, which is operated in the waters, are just mandatory.

Well, the last but not the least advantage of the carbon coating is its appearance, which makes the bait boat look beautiful, stylish and modern. Regarding the remote control, we would like to tell that Carpboat Skarp Carbon manufacturers are pleased to offer you a brand new, 2.4 GHz digital remote control system.

This remote control system operates in ISM band, which is approved for use throughout the world. 2.4 GHz in this range suggests more than 130 million different coding options. This feature of the device eliminates the use of one and the same channel simultaneously by several different devices. Therefore, the new remote control for Carpboat 

Skarp Carbon eliminates the risk of your boat being controlled by other fisherman that has the same crystal stabilizer. By the way, these troubles often occur with conventional FM frequency quartz remote controls In should be noted that control for Carpboat Skarp Carbon has the remote control battery charge indicator. Unlike antennas on devices for FM band, which are about three meters in length, the length of 2.4 GHz antenna is just eight centimeters.

Another important feature in this device is its digital remote control system, operating at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Due to it, the bait boat can completely refuse from the antenna. The remote control as mentioned above has a built-in shortened to a size of 8 cm rubberised antenna.

It is clear that the benefits of the use of 2.4 GHz four-channel remote control compared to conventional FM frequency four-quartz devices are obvious.

These benefits include: - compact size of the remote control antenna; - possibility to almost completely eliminate the use of the antenna on the bait boat hull; - high reliability providing protection from interference when operating on the same channel; - no aliasing with other devices; - refusal from the use of quartz stabilizers.

Well, the last thing we would like to mention is that echosounders Fish Finder FD90 can be installed on the new model of the bait boat Carpboat Skarp Carbon, which enables to accurately determine the depth of the water body,  its bottom shape, as well as, most importantly - aggregations of fish.


Standard set for bait boat 

• 6V/7.2 Ah lead-acid battery for the boat – 2 pcs.

• 220V/12V lead-acid battery charger. 

• 2.4 GHz four-channel remote control.

• 8 rechargeable batteries Ni-MN AA 1500mAh, 1.2V for the remote control. 

• 220V/12V remote control charger.

• Dark green backpack for the boat.


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