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Baitboat Carpboat Camo

We are pleased to present a new model of the bait boat Carpboat Camo. Its main feature is a completely new “military” style.

case materialABS plastic
quantity bait tanks two
quantity bait hookstwo
continuous operating time 150min
maximum distance500-700m
maximum weight of bait in the bunker4kg
maximum speed60 m/min
complete drive2 independent propellers
standard voltage12V
LED indicationevery action of the boat is accompanied by LED indication. LEDs indicate discharge of baits, hooks, indicate 4 states of the battery charge
lightingthe boat is equipped with backlight on the bow, stern, on the boards: 2 LED flashlights. Lighting levels can be set using the remote control
power supply of the boat12V/10Ah
power supply of the remote controlNi-MN AA 1500mAh - 8pcs
RC6-channel 2.4Ghz RC
dimensionslength 68 cm, width 49 cm, height 25 cm

Product Description

"Military" style appeared at the end of the Second World War, when the military-style elements became an integral part not only of the civil garments, but everyday life as well.

The main thing in this style is colour. Main colour of the "military" style is considered to be spotted khaki camouflage. 

Camouflage (from the French camouflage) is a multi-colour (usually 2-4 colour) large-or small-spotted coloring, distorting the contours of the object as a result of fusion of the colours and forms of individual spots and stripes of colouring with the background. Camouflage pattern usually consists of the spots (stripes) of various shapes and sizes applied at an angle of 30-60° to the visual contours of the object with their transition from one surface to another, most often it is four-colour pattern consisting of light and dark green, brown and black spots.

It is this color that was chosen to create a new image of the bait boat Carpboat Camo. The choice of natural colours makes the camouflage model the efficient means of masking, which allows the fisherman to use the bait boat for easy baiting, and you should not worry about the fact that its use in any way may attract undue attention or flush out the fish with its bright colours. By the way, today military camouflage colour is a very trendy and up-to-date among fishermen and used in the fishing items everywhere.

However, the colour is not the only advantage of the new bait boat Carpboat Camo. Just coloring is not enough to match such a popular military style. That is why the new boats are equipped with sports propellers, which enable to increase the speed and traction, making new Carpboat Camo not only trendy and fast, but also very powerful in the military manner, increasing the boat ability to withstand the waves.

In addition to the foregoing, the new boat is the same easy to use, but its speed makes it possible to reduce the time for delivery of baits and lures, and thereby increase the number of trips made to the place the fisherman needs using one battery that does not need recharging.

But that's not all. The new model of the bait boat Carpboat Camo has a new remote control with digital 2.4 GHz remote control system. The advantages of this system over conventional quartz FM frequency remote control are obvious. Using this system, you are completely protected from your ship being controlled by any other fisherman,because there is no aliasing. 2.4 GHz remote control is highly resistant to disturbances or interruptions when working on the same channel, thus using the new built-in shortened 8-cm rubberized antenna. In this case, the antenna on the boat is no longer needed.

All this, along with the possibility of installing echosounders Fish Finder FD90 or Fish Finder FD500 on a new boat, makes the new model Carpboat Camo a leader of small bait boats.


Standard set of bait boat Carpboat Camo

• Lead-acid 12V /10Ah battery.

• 220V/12V lead-acid battery charger. 

• 220V/12V boat remote control charger.

• 6-channel 2.4GHz remote control. 

• 8 rechargeable batteries Ni-MN AA 1500mAh, 1.2V for the remote control.

• Backpack for the boat.

• Case for the remote control and accessories.


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