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Baitboat Carpboat Deluxe

In the fishing community, CARPBOAT Deluxe bait boats (source product ANATEC CATAMARAN, FRANCE) are considered the coolest sustainable model.

case materialABS plastic
quantity bait tanks two
quantity bait hooksthree
continuous operating time 150min
maximum distance500-700m
maximum weight of bait in the bunker5kg
maximum speed90 m/min
complete drive2 independent propellers
standard voltage12V
lighting6 ultrabright LED elements in the fore part of the boat, 2 ultrabright LED elements in the rear part.
power supply of the boat6V/12Ah - 2pcs
reserve battery6V/3,2Ah
power supply of the remote controlNi-MN AA 1500mAh - 4pcs
RC7-channel 2.4Ghz RC
dimensions(length-width-height) 85*50*25 cm

Product Description

The design of this bait boat uses the latest developments enabling to make it reliable and easy to use in all

conditions. This model is particularly advantageous for spring flood and environment characterized by strong waves and currents. Robust catamaran housing is made of molded plastic. It provides excellent hydrodynamic characteristics and the overall reliability of the design.

The bait boat model is equipped with 7-channel 2.4 GHz remote control. This radio system is distinguished by high functionality performance, and its degree of radio interference exposure is minimal.

Double bin designed for bait is made of stainless steel. The bin is opened and closed smoothly. Using two 

potentiometers on the remote control, you can adjust the angle of the valve opening.

If you are using small or granular bait, the bait boat can spray it, create a bait track or cloud. This can be accomplished by opening the valve slightly in motion or still. 2 electric motors equipped with air cooling system are arranged on the sides of the hull and provide the speed up to 3 miles per hour at maximum load.

Independent control of electric motors makes it possible to control the bait boat movement in complex situations with high accuracy. For example, during the passage of the bait boat under the low trees.

You can easily bring to the baiting place 3 snaps using the snap-fastening systems, which are located at the stern, and two additional mounts on the side bars. The discharge is performed with the remote control separately for each of the mounts. In case the main batteries are low, you can use the backup battery for the return of the bait boat to the bank.

Backup power supply allows the motors to operate for 10 minutes. You can switch to the backup from the remote control. Many other models do not have such backup power supply, because fishermen often have to swim for their boat after the main batteries become low.

This model of the bait boat has a system that protects the speed controllers from overloading. Overloading may occur if the rotation of the propellers is blocked by some reason and the motor continues to work. In this case, the speed controller may break down quickly. Such a situation is frequent, for example, when a fishing line, net or a large amount of algae is wound on the propeller. When installing the top cover, the boat becomes waterproof. If the cover is removed, all parts of the boat internal structure arrangement are easily accessible.

CARPBOAT Deluxe model has the propeller protection from obstacles in the water, including algae. The set includes a special spray intended for the lubrication of the propeller axis. Under the pressure the lubricant goes directly to the motor lubricators. This enables to significantly improve the performance of motors and prevent the ingress of water to the propeller axis.

Complete set:

• Bait boat - 1 pcs.

• 2.4GHz 7-channel remote control - 1 pcs.

• Rechargeable battery (6V 12Ah) - 2 pcs.

• Backup battery (6V/4Ah) - 1 pc.

• Boat battery charger (220V/12V) - 2 pcs.

• Remote control battery charger (220V/12V) - 1 pc.

• Spray for motor shaft lubrication.

• Backpack for the bait boat.

• Protective cover for RC.

• Spare propeller and fuse.


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